Security Tips

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Security Tips

As the Indivisible Guide says, “We do not yet know how Trump supporters will respond to organized shows of opposition.” It’s important to keep yourself and Indivisible Eastside as secure as possible.

Set up Two-Factor Authentication. Also known as “2-Step Verification”, “Multifactor Authentication”, or “One-Time Passwords”, this is a crucial step that helps keep remote attackers at bay. Ensure that you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication on all of your accounts that support it.

Be cautious. Always manually check the URL before you enter your password on a web page. Also, attackers will sometimes create fake login pages to steal your information. Always double check the address in your browser to make sure you’re on the page you expect.

Be careful with the information you share and who you share it with.

Think before downloading attachments. Do not open email attachments from people you don’t know. This is an easy way that attackers use to install viruses and trojans that allow them access to your computer. Always be suspicious of attachments you don’t expect, especially if the attachment ends with .exe, .bat, .msi, .app, or other executable extensions.

Be suspicious. If anyone asks you for personal information, be suspicious. Be aware of what kind of information you share on social networks and who is allowed to see it.