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  • For the Week of July 26, 2021 

    🔹 We will be resuming our online group meetings on September 19th! Save the date and then join us on Zoom at 4:30 on Sept. 19th. Please register to attend.

    🔹 If you haven’t already done so, please VOTE by Aug. 3. As you know, local races are as important as state and national races. Of particular concern are the concerted efforts to get candidates who support harmful ideologies elected to school board and local councils. This is happening in our area! Please refer to the voting resource section at the end of the newsletter for links to reliable voting guides and candidate forums. The small scale of local races means that your participation can make a big difference!  Turnout and awareness tend to be low in years with local elections – so your vote, and every vote you encourage, can make a big difference. So please, review the Voting Resources below and VOTE

    🔹 Postcards4WA is ready for volunteers to sign up! In 2020, volunteers wrote over 59,000 postcards in support of 22 candidates across the state, and we have set a goal to write even more in 2021! Indivisible Eastside has assumed organizing responsibilities this year and it’s headed up by Christy B, Elizabeth S and Louise P. We currently have addresses from 3 campaigns and are adding more regularly. View the FAQs, set a personal goal, sign up today, and a friendly Postcards4WA organizer will reach out to you with next steps. 

    🔹 Here are your 3 actions for this week.

    Action 1 – [You] Use your voice to protect voting rights for all Americans

    The Washington Indivisible Network has organized a campaign to broadcast the urgency of changing the filibuster rule in order to pass key federal voting rights legislation. The 12 Days for Democracy campaign is a state-wide effort by multiple Indivisible groups to provide quick and easy actions for you to contact your Senators and let them know that this is a ‘Must Pass, No Excuses’ situation. The urgency to pass it before the scheduled August recess grows as Republican states continue to introduce bills that reflect the cultural and racial priorities of Trump’s base. As outlined in this Fresh Air podcast, they also plan to gerrymander districts as soon as census data is released, putting them out of reach of future legal challenges.

    Indivisible Eastside is providing two of these actions. On Monday July 26 (or whenever you can do it) we are asking you to call the White House and tell the President and Vice President that we would like to see a forceful statement in support of voting rights using whatever means necessary, including getting rid of the filibuster. We need vocal recognition of the seriousness of the situation from our leaders. Recent speeches saying that we should ’out organize’ these attempts to suppress votes are not enough. Please use the TAN (Take Action Network) link to the action and it will take you through the process and provide a script.

    On Saturday July 31st we will be providing the last action of this campaign and it promises to be a fun one! Click back on the preceding link on that date to see the action and directions on how to take it. 

    If you’d like to take any of the other actions for this campaign they are all available for an extended period. Just click on an action for a particular day from the same TAN link. Be sure to click the ‘I took this action’ button afterwards.

    Action 2 – [You] Participate In and comment on redistricting plans

    From the League of Women Voters-WA

    Washington State’s Redistricting Commission will be working on new maps of congressional and legislative districts in the next few months. This happens every ten years and is based on the results of the census. Due to delays in that process under the last administration, final population figures will not be delivered until August. Draft maps are due in September and need to be finalized by November. These are the districts that will be in place for the midterm primaries in March of 2022. As you can see, the timeline is very tight.

    Our state has one million people more than it did ten years ago when we last went through this process. Because of the need to keep districts balanced, almost all districts will change due to this population growth. 

    The redistricting commission has been holding public information sessions over the last few months and are now presenting the second round of them. You have an opportunity to have input into the process by participating in an online forum. Is there something that has always bothered you about how your district is drawn, or is there something in particular about it that you like and would like to keep? Does it feel representative of the population or are there arbitrary cutoffs of communities with shared interests, such as ethnicity, economic, or environmental characteristics? This is your chance to have your say.

    On July 31st there will be sessions devoted to Districts 8 and 9. (Previous sessions for other districts can be watched on the website. District 1 was on July 24). Registration is not needed to watch the meetings but is required for public comment. Detailed instructions for public testimony are available here or you can watch previous sessions for examples. You might hear one about your own district that resonates with you!

    Action 3 – [You] Learn about a proposal to create an alternative to Puget Sound Energy on the Eastside

    From East King County PUD

    Did you know that PSE’s electricity accounts for 25-30% of Eastside greenhouse gas emissions? Did you know that, instead of investing in renewable energy, PSE is planning to build a new methane power plant in 2026? Did you know that we can fire PSE and form a public utility district (PUD) that can prioritize action on both climate and environmental justice?

    The Yes to East King County PUD campaign will be holding an informational webinar in September (date TBD) where you can learn more about how we can take control of our energy future and create a power provider we can be proud of. Register for the webinar here, or email to get involved today.

    We will also be joined by Barbra Chevalier from the EKC PUD campaign at our group meeting on Sept. 19th so please join us to learn more about it.

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