2022 Candidate Highlight

2022 Candidate Highlight

Indivisible Eastside Member recommendations. These are not endorsements by Indivisible Eastside, rather individual recommendations for you to consider. 

Candidate highlight 7/4/22 from Louise – support progressive candidates of color across Washington State

First Mile is an organization that operates a donor circle to fund the campaigns of progressive candidates of color, who traditionally face obstacles in getting funding due to systemic racism and the reluctance of mainstream funders to support their races. They focus on candidates in local elections who can most effectively represent the communities they wish to serve. Partnering with a variety of organizations to select candidates, they set up donations directly to campaigns in a unique and focused way.  You can watch this video to see how your involvement can have an impact on the campaigns of candidates in down-ballot races across the state.

Candidate Highlight 6/27 from Allison – Sen. Emily Randall (D-Bremerton)

Emily Randall is the Democratic State Senator for the 26th legislative district. Born and raised on the Kitsap Peninsula, she was elected to the state Senate in November 2018. Emily is now the chair of the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee, a member of the Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee, and a member of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Emily has dedicated herself to expanding education opportunities and access to affordable health care for women, children, and LGBTQ folks around the country. In her first session as a legislator, she sponsored and passed the Reproductive Health Care for All bill and built a pathway to universal health care.

In the 2021-22 legislative session, Emily worked on a bill (SB 5688)  which aimed to give the state attorney general the power to block hospital mergers if they would limit access to abortion care, gender-affirming health care or physician-assisted suicide. At least two recent hospital mergers in the state have led to changes in the availability of abortion. The bill did not pass but Governor Inslee has said that he wants to see the measure move forward next session.

Senator Randall has a fiercely right wing opponent in this year’s election, who is currently out-fundraising her. We absolutely must ensure that Sen. Randall is re-elected. She will be a powerful force in our fight to maximize our state’s access to abortion and we cannot afford to let her opponent win. Please support her campaign to retain her seat in the 26th.

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Candidate Highlight 6/20 from Kat: Rep. Jamila Taylor, LD30

I’m supporting Rep. Jamila Taylor (LD30, Federal Way) in her re-election campaign. Rep. Taylor has worked tirelessly to improve policing in Washington state, make sure schools are safe and healthy by getting rid of school lunch co-pays and ensuring schools have access to anti-racism and diversity, equity and inclusion training. She worked on expanding the Working Families Tax Credit, and has a strong focus on making childcare more affordable and accessible. As the Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. Taylor has spoken on the House floor about the importance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and answering the challenge of this moment in history. She has two Republican opponents: a police commander and a hard-right MAGA faction adherent. Like in other districts, residents of the 30th are concerned with crime and homelessness, making Rep. Taylor vulnerable to blind calls for “change” and increased policing. 

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Candidate Highlight 6/13 from Hanna Secretary of State Steve Hobbs

I would like to let you know the importance of electing Secretary of State Steve Hobbs back into the position he currently holds as appointed by Governor Inslee. The secretary of state is in effect the guarantor of the continuity and stability of good government in Washington, with their role extending to the certification, filing, and preservation of public records, the supervision of all aspects of state and local elections, and the registration and regulatory oversight of businesses and charities. Each county Auditor is responsible for the actual administration of their county elections, but it is the SOS’s job to make sure those are done correctly. He is the only Democrat running for this office, and don’t be fooled by his opponent, Julie Anderson, who is not as “non-partisan” as she claims to be. She endorsed Kim Wyman (our former Republican SOS) twice, and has hired Republicans to run her campaign.

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