Indivisible Eastside is a grassroots, entirely volunteer-run group that leverages the work of the Indivisible Guide. We have several teams who contribute in different ways to accomplish our primary goal: Influence our National Members of Congress and other governmental entities to resist the Trump agenda.

Feel free to reach out with any general questions you might have about Indivisible Eastside. Just email hello@indivisibleeastside.com.

Getting Involved:

I am interested in:

☑ 2021 WA State Legislation – Contacting my WA Representatives and Senator via email/phone

? Sign up for Take Action Network to receive tailored actions created by Washington Indivisible groups.

☑ Contacting my US Congressperson and Senators via email/phone 

? Make sure you’re signed up for the Weekly Actions email to receive one email per week with 3 actions and calendar of events. You can do this on any page of our website, or reply to this email.

☑ Being part of a planning team for Rallies/Protests (5)

? The “Lights For Liberty”#ImpeachmentEve, #RejectTheCoverup events at Redmond Downtown Park were successful, energizing protests organized by the rally/protest group. Email Micheala  if you’re interested in helping with this and she will add you to the Indivisible Eastside Rally organizing team!

☑ Participating in monthly meetings with CD 1 Rep Suzan DelBene’s or CD 9 Rep Adam Smith’s staff members 

? Sign up for your congressperson’s newsletters and then:

    • Attend Monthly Meeting with Rep. Pramila Jaypal and Rep. Adam Smith’s staff – 4th Tuesday of each month from 11:45-1:30 in Seattle.
    • OR Email Joan Y to participate in Monthly meetings with Rep. Suzan DelBene’s staff onlinr ot in Bothell office.

You can also help by keeping tabs on Town Halls being offered by your congressperson and let IE know so we can publicize

☑ Being a “Point of Contact” between IE and other organizations 

? Thank you for keeping us in the loop of activities from other groups your involved with, or forwarding actions from them. Here are ways you can help.

    • If there are some interesting educational information or actionable items, share by email or on Slack for inclusion in weekly actions newsletter (see Actions Proposal suggestions)
    • If you would like to offer a 10-15 minute from your organization, please let us know and we’ll schedule you into future meetings as time allows.

☑ Joining the Alphabet Resistance 

? We’re out monthly in Bellevue to Get Out the Vote as well as protest the most recent atrocities. Visit our YouTube Channel to see short videos of past actionsIf you would like to join, email alphabet@indivisibleeastside.com and you’ll be notified when the next event is scheduled.

☑ Join the Postcards To Voters team

? Thank you for being willing write GOTV Postcards To Voters.  Visit our Postcarding Resources page for details. 

☑ Helping with Weekly Actions Email (Actions Proposal) 

? Do you have an idea for future Weekly Actions? Email Louise  to submit your idea. Your input is greatly appreciated, and please understand that depending on current events, we can’t guarantee yours will be picked. To submit an idea, please:

    • Submit proposals for the Weekly Actions by Thursday midnight for an action the following week!
    • Include the action to be taken (who to contact – HOUSE, SENATE, LEGISLATURE, AGENCY),
    • Include details about the bill (e.g. bill numbers) or regulation, when the action will no longer be effective
    • Include how it fits with Indivisible Eastside’s mission, or forwards progressive candidates
    • Link to news article

☑ Working with my city council on local and state issues 

? Indivisible Kirkland has created a strong partnership with the City of Kirkland in the areas of Gun Safety and Racial Bias. If you’d like to learn from their experience and spread their activism to your city, connect with Sarah F. Additionally, you can submit Action Proposals to the IE Newsletter (see above) to share actions members can take for your city

☑ Being media contact for my city’s newspaper or other media

? Thank you for volunteering to be a media contact for your local newspaper. When we have something newsworthy to share, we’ll reach out to you for an assist. Email us to let us know what media you’re in contact with. 

☑ Becoming an acting PCO for a precinct 

? The elections of Democratic Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) will be August 2020. You can serve as an acting PCO for any unserved precinct, or you can file to run (usually unopposed) for this elected position. This is a vital way to help Get Out The Vote, and be an important part of the Democratic party. When Indivisibles get involved with the Democratic Party, it moves the party more progressive.

Please Email Us with any questions, and thank you for your interest.

Indivisible Eastside Steering

Allison, Rhiannon, Jennifer, Joan, Louise, Linda, Kat and Hanna