Indivisible Eastside is a local chapter of the Indivisible Movement, inspired by the Indivisible Guide. The Indivisible Guide was written by a group of former Congressional staffers who witnessed the success of the Tea Party and turned their experiences into a practical guide for resisting Donald Trump’s agenda.

Indivisible Eastside’s mission is to facilitate grassroots engagement with our legislators in the Eastside region of metropolitan Seattle to:

  1. Advance progressive, compassionate and antiracist policies and government;
  2. Repair, improve and reform damaged social and democratic institutions fractured by decades of conservative policy and the recent Trump administration.

How we Implement our Mission

We are a SHARED RESOURCE on current governmental activities, critical legislative issues, marches, rallies, and group and individual actions and events.

FB Page, FB Group, Website, Email, Instagram, Twitter, Monthly meetings

We are a GATEWAY to making our voices heard through protest actions and building electoral power.

Protest Actions: weekly actions, group events, #AlphabetResistance, rallies, protests, card/letter/editor writing, calling and more.

Building Electoral Power for Progressive Policies and Government

  • Turn the constituent power into electoral power, taking back the Senate and by winning Governors’ races and state legislatures!
  • Expand the Electorate, by working with local groups and partner organizations to engage folks who are currently underrepresented in both voter registration and voter turnout.

We are an ACTIVIST COMMUNITY of strength through interaction, collaboration, diversity, sharing, action, justice, discussion, listening and learning.

Collaboration and Diversity–being proactive in:

  • Showing up for and joining forces with other progressive groups
  • Strengthening representation in our progressive politics to include people from as many backgrounds as possible.

Steering Committee

As of Jan 1, 2021 we have a 8-member Steering Committee. The Steering Committee provides leadership and supports the group’s activities through organizing, managing volunteers and taking care of logistics and finances. It plans & executes events like postcards to voters, letterwriting, Alphabet Resistance & canvassing. It also establishes liaisons to sister organizations around the Greater Seattle area, moderates and administers our social media accounts, does a ton of research and organization for everything from monthly meetings and weekly actions to emergency protests so our members can be effective. Here are the current members of the Indivisible Eastside Steering Committee:

  • Allison H – co-founder/communications, weekly actions
  • Louise P – website/communications, weekly actions
  • Jennifer H – facebook, letterwriting
  • Rhiannon P-B – facebook, twitter
  • Joan Y – congressional diva/postcards
  • Hanna F – state legislation, weekly actions
  • Kat P – Indivisible Town Halls, communications
  • Yvonne B – Truth Brigade, VoteForward

Who We are

Indivisible Eastside was founded as a Facebook Group on January 3, 2017 by several friends from Bellevue, WA. We grew to hundreds of members and a dedicated team of over 50 volunteers in less than a month.

In 2020 Indivisible Eastside:

  • Held 12 All Group Meetings with speakers on a variety of topics
  • Performed 5 #AlphabetResistance actions 
  • Attended State Legislator meetings
  • Published 150 Actions in 52 Weekly Newsletters (and 150 Facebook posts)
  • Reached out to 750 Weekly Actions Newsletter subscribers (300 considered “Active”)
  • Reached out to 850 Facebook Page followers (77% Women 20% Men)
  • Connected with 2,152 Facebook Group members (about 500 considered “Active”)
  • Wrote 50,000 Postcards and 12,000 letters to voters
Indivisible Eastside Initial Meeting

The January, 2017 formation meeting

The January 2018 Anniversary meeting

January 2019 2nd Anniversary Meeting


All members of Indivisible Eastside adhere to the following principles.

  1. Focus – We resist all attempts of the Trump Administration and their enablers to divide our people, undermine our democratic values and further harm working American families. The Trump administration’s divisive, anti-democratic and pro-elitist efforts will be relentlessly opposed at every turn. We have no agenda and no goals other than to protect our country and our neighbors from this clear and present threat.
  2. Action – Participation matters! Whether it means organizing, calling MoCs, showing up at town halls, or reaching out to others. Small yet powerful groups of focused citizens are already having an impact. We will be better organized and more broadly based than the Tea Party, and therefore more influential—only if we commit to action. Each of us can find a way to participate that’s appropriate for our skills and values.
  3. Facts – People come here looking for ways to act, not ways to whip each other into a frenzy. We will verify truth and understand issues before acting on them. This means no posting of memes or click-bait, no ranting, etc to our social media. Frustration and other negative emotions are channeled into deliberate, effective action and collaboration.
  4. Cohesion – We act as one and remember that we are all on the same team. We are Indivisible: respectful, inclusive, fair, and focused. Voice disagreement, but disrespectful behavior will result in a warning and then ejection from the group. Cohesion is the main reason for keeping our focus narrow—advocating policy or individual issues risks breeding division within the group.

To contact us, email hello@indivisibleeastside.com or visit the Volunteer page.