Canvassing for Manka Dhingra – September (hosted by Liz Curran)

8151 164th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052-3817, United States

This crucial election to #flipthesenate is getting close – it’s time for our September canvassing with Indivisibles, Democratic LD’s, Resistance and anyone else who would like to come and help win this one!

Meet us at campaign headquarters at 10am – we’ll match people up with a canvassing partner, if needed, do some training and set out to make a big difference in this election.

Join us after for a little socializing with fellow canvassers at Postdoc Brewing, nearby in Redmond

Please RSVP to lt.curran@gmail (I’m with Indivisible North Seattle) with your name and phone # so the campaign can follow up with a reminder phone call. Knowing how many of us will be showing up wiil allow them to prepare enough walk lists!

Everyone who is interested but can’t make this date: please contact the campaign and make arrangements to canvass at a time that works for you!