Eastside Fundraiser to Flip Virginia with special guest Senator Manka Dhingra

Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Can you support local city council and school district candidates while shaping the political landscape ahead of 2021 redistricting? Are you tired of gerrymandered GOP control of state governments? If you answered yes to one or more, this is for you:

Eastside Summer Fundraiser to Flip Virginia Blue with special guest Senator Manka Dhingra (WA-45).

This gathering is July 28th, from 3-5 pm in Bellevue and is a collaboration between Sister District Project – Puget Sound, and Indivisible Eastside. Please click on the link to learn about why Virginia is so important and to read a personal message Steering Member Louise Pathe about why she chose this among all the other issues. If you cannot attend, there’s a link to donate.