Impeachment Eve: Redmond

Last Minute notes for Redmond Impeachment Eve Rally 

Dear Rally Attendee,

Tonight is the night at the Redmond Downtown Park to make your voice heard on Impeachment! It will be cool so dress warmly. Bring signs & be ready to do some chants. There are 618 events around the country! See activities below.

Date: Tuesday Dec 17

Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm 

Location: NW corner of Redmond Downtown Park (click link for map) – corner of 161st Ave NE and Redmond Way. 

Parking Suggestions: Redmond Central Connector Parking, P+R Redmond Transit Center, Redmond Park & Ride Garage 

Format: This is a family friendly signwaving event. There are no scheduled speakers or sound equipment. This is a chance to make your voice heard through chants and signs. 

Activities: Try your hand at #AlphabetReistance for 5-10 minutes of holding and flipping letters spelling out #NOTABOVETHELAW  / #IMPEACHMENTEVE on the lighted part of the park plaza at 5:45, 6:15 and 6:45. 

Group photo 6:10 pm: make your way to the plaza from wherever you are. Then we’ll video the #AlphabetResistance “performance” for DemCast who is putting together an ImpeachmentEve video of events around the country. 

Safety and Consideration: You are exercising your 1st Amendment rights to protest. Please:

    • Use, but don’t block sidewalks – keep these clear for pedestrians
    • 10 rally organizers will be wearing yellow vests.
    • If you’re approached by someone asking for comment, ask them what media they’re with. If they won’t say, or you don’t feel comfortable answering, ask them to please check in with a rally organizers (yellow vest).
    • There may be people present who hold opposing views on impeachment. That is their right.  If they’re annoying, de-escalate, stay calm, don’t take the bait, turn your back on hecklers, move away. 
    • The Redmond Police were friendly and helpful at our last rally and have been notified about this one.  Please be respectful and never touch police officers. 

Stay Warm: dress for the weather and consider patronizing one of the local businesses on your way to the park. Buy a Hot chocolate 5 Stones Coffee (near Transit center – open ‘til 6), Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co (open ‘til 6:30) or at Hoffmans on the park (open ‘til 7). Lots of places for dinner after the rally too. 

Signs: The park plaza is pretty well lit, but bring flashlights and LED lanterns to light up signs. 

    • Sign suggestions:
      • Not Above The Law
      • Impeach and Remove
      • Obstruction of Congress
      • Abuse of Power
    • If you don’t have a sign, bring a flashlight and help light up someone else’s sign!

Amplify your voice: use #NotAboveTheLaw and #ImpeachmentEve for social media posts as well as tagging coalition groups @Indivisible @IndivisEastside @RepDelBene @MoveOn and @PublicCitizen. 

Other Options: If you’ll be elsewhere that evening, consider attending one of the other area rallies: 

See you tonight!

Louise, Michaela, Yvonne, Linda – Event Hosts