Whose House? Our House! – Jan 3rd Day of Action

WA-state Indivisible groups are joining other Indivisible groups across the country in a nationwide Day of Action on Thursday, January 3, 2019

CD8: Indivisible Washington’s 8th CD is hosting “Dr. Schrier’s First Day of Congress” Time: 4:30 pm Location: Issaquah City Hall 130 E Sunset Way Issaquah, WA 98027

CD1: Indivisible Skagit is meeting with CD1 Suzan DelBene’s Mount Vernon Staff Time: 9 am -10 am Location: 204 W. Montgomery Street Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Agenda: discuss the issues critical to the well-being of all Americans:

  1. strong voter rights and access reforms
  2. immediate campaign finance reforms
  3. corruption fixes such as disclosure, divestment, and applying ethics rules to all government officials.
  4. support forming a Select Committee to create a Green New Deal
  5. signing on to Rep. Conyers HR 676 Medicare For All Act

CDs 7 & 9: Seattle Indivisible with participation from Indivisible Eastside, Wallingford Indivisible, Indivisible Renton and Indivisible Kirkland is organizing a rally followed by a meeting with congressional staff. The focus will be on the critical “First 100 Days of Congress,” during which the agenda priorities for the next two years will be set. We intend to be there to bring our collective influence to our Members of Congress and to hold them accountable for driving the progressive values and actions that were the basis of our Blue Wave.

Sign up for both the Rally and the Meeting on the National Indivisible Events Page, and email us so we can connect you with resources:

From the Indivisible.org Jan 3 Day of Action explainer and toolkit:

“We expect the first major legislative effort in a Democratically-controlled House to be a democracy reform effort (H.R. 1). This legislation is expected to strengthen everyone’s right to vote and to have their vote count, to stem the tide of big money in politics, and to root out corruption at all levels of government—including the White House. The election of Donald Trump (and the first two years of his administration) has brought into sharp focus the importance of preserving and protecting our democracy against blatant attempts to erode it. While Trump and his GOP enablers suppress the vote, profit off of corruption and attack essential democratic norms, Democrats now have an opportunity to change course. They must prioritize undoing that damage, and creating institutions in which we are all represented, included, and protected.

It is critical that we are loud, coordinated and powerful on January 3rd to make sure that this democracy package is as progressive as possible.”