Love in a Time of Fear: Recognizing Muslims as our Neighbors (hosted by Neighbors in Faith)

Saint David’s Episcopal Church (760 Park St, Friday Harbor, Washington 98250)

How will the human race navigate through the challenges that face us?

Our response is “love of neighbor”.

Love of neighbor is the core teaching of Islam, Christianity, Judiasm and all great faith traditions. Love is not having positive feelings but rather the act of seeking the well-being of your neighbor, knowing that strong neighbors make strong neighborhoods and increase the well-being of all.


We are people of faith, respecting our differences and celebrating our common humanity. We commit to:
1. Seek out neighborly relationships with people of other faith and/or non-faith traditions.
2. Resist in ourselves and society exclusionist ideologies that contribute to the dehumanization of and violence toward others.
3. Work in the public arena for the human rights of all people.