Phone Calls to Get Out the Vote for Manka

Indivisible Eastsiders Needed to Get Out the Vote for Manka Dhingra.

Indivisible Eastside will be calling voters in LD 45 to help Get Out The Vote for the Democratic Senate Candidate Manka Dhingra. The importance of flipping the state senate to blue cannot be overstated. The House, which is controlled by Democrats, has been successful in passing bipartisan bills, only to see them die in Republican controlled Senate committees. With a blue Senate, those committees will be headed by Democrats, enabling bi-partisanship. Manka is the key to flipping the state Senate, and thereby the state, to blue. The eyes of the nation are on her, and if we can get her there, she’s going to be a champion for our district, and get things done!

When: Indivisible Eastside will be calling as a group from 5 pm – 8 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (except on July 19th when we will be at our picnic in Redmond). July 18, 20, 25 26 and 27. It’s easy.  We will only call Manka’s supporters and remind them to mail in their ballots.  Daily updates to call list will remove those whose ballots are already at the King County elections office.  

Where:  Manka’s headquarters.  8151 164th Ave. NE, Redmond (across from Hugo’s restaurant)

What to Bring:  Laptop,cell phone and chargers.  We’ll receive call lists on our laptops, and use our cell phones to make the calls. erson who gets the call will see a phone number that is not yours.  

What if I Can’t Bring My Laptop or Phone?  The headquarters has a good number of cell phones and a few computers to use.

Parking:  You can use any parking space in the building lot.

Have Any Questions?  Contact; 1-480-262-9220.