Postcards To Voters

Welcome and thanks for joining us!

General information:

  • Time:  Officially, every other Sunday we will check-in at a virtual meetups. You can write from home ANY time.
  • Place:  We are virtual via Zoom. You must register to attend:
    • Register for July 26 1:30, Aug 9 – 7:30 pm, Aug 23 – 12:30, Sep 6 – 7:30 pm, Sep 20 – 12:30, Oct 4 – 7:30 pm, Oct 18 – 1:30 pm:
  • Contact: email with questions
  • Who we are: The postcarding organizers include Elizabeth, Ruth, Christy, Joan, Louise, Allison and others who help out from time to time.
  • What’s it all about:  Writing postcards to progressive voters to get out the vote in campaigns across the US.
    • Examples:  Writing to Democrat voters in Florida to encourage them to sign up for Vote By Mail (which hugely increases turnout and helps D candidates up and down the ballot); writing to newly-registered progressive voters in Federal Way to encourage them to vote in the August primary (developing their “voting muscles” for future elections).
  • Check out our Postcarding Resources page for lots more information and options for postcarding.