Support De-Escalate WA (hosted by Indivisible Plus: Washington State)

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Join us for a house party to support De-Escalate WA on November 27th! We’re committed to supporting this initiative because members of our community shouldn’t feel unsafe when interacting with the police. RSVP here:

Special Guests
Jessyn Farrell, former Washington State Representative
Andre’ Taylor, De-Escalate WA chairman
Tae Phoenix, resistance and protest musician

I-940 (De-Escalate WA) is an initiative to the legislature designed to reduce incidents of police violence and increase community safety statewide, by:
1.Mandating more training on De-Escalation, mental health, and First Aid
2.Requiring police to give First Aid in use of force cases
3.Requiring independent investigations in deadly force cases
4.Updating the state’s deadly force statute, which is an outlier in the country.

How you can help:
1. Join us in person next Monday to learn about the initiative and where we are in the process, pick up signature sheets and make a donation. RSVP here:
2. Go online to request a sheet or make a donation: