Teach-in for Educators (hosted by Ultimate Civics)

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Al Gore says, “We can’t fix the climate crisis without fixing the democracy crisis.”

Civics, American history, environmental studies and science for grades 6–12

Ultimate Civics is taking a bold step beyond ordinary civics to fill a critical gap in civics education. We’re helping teachers show kids the difference between democracy in principle and democracy in practice, using hands on activities that encourage real-life civic engagement.

Ultimate Civics has created Activating My Democracy, a six-lesson set for middle school students that explores our constitutional democracy. It lets kids peer through the lens of landmark laws that have shaped our society from the Constitution to the present. And it shows kids how they can engage in two critical issues of their generation: the climate crisis and the democracy crisis (November 18 and December 2, respectively).

Activating My Democracy is a middle and high school curriculum set at the intersection of race, class, gender and the environment. It is filled with rich, motivating content that gets kids excited about civics. Each 50-minute lesson plan is packed with power point notes and slides, short film clips, activities for students, and lots of extra resources for extension activities.

Compelling questions for November 18 session:
• Do you believe that you have the power to change the world?
• What are some of the key values protected in the Bill of Rights?
• What are the basic principles of the Public Trust Doctrine?
• How are new fundamental rights secured?

Compelling questions for December 2 session:
• “People” – What did the Founders mean?
• What is the meaning of an “internal threat” to our government?
• How have changes in constitutional law over time given rise to an internal threat that has gained power over the people?