Tell Puget Sound Energy: No More Coal!

Bellevue City Hall (450 110th Ave NE, Bellevue, Washington 98004)

Join the Fuse Eastside Action Team to demand that Puget Sound Energy (PSE) close its dirty Colstrip coal powerplant by 2025!

Attending the Bellevue rate hearing for Puget Sound Energy to demand that they retire their dirty coal power plant that services the Bellevue area by 2025.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) recently filed a request with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to increase its electric base rates approximately $149 million (7.6 percent) on an annual basis to cover expenses and past capital investments. The UTC is now reviewing PSE’s request in a process known as a “rate case”. As part of its review, the UTC is holding two public hearings. The first is in Bellevue on July 31, and the second is in Olympia on August 31. These two hearings are the public’s opportunity to tell the UTC what costs it should allow PSE to pass onto its customers.

Do you want your hard-earned dollars paying for PSE’s dirty Colstrip coal plant—the third largest climate polluter in the United States in 2015? I didn’t think so! Attend one (or both!) of the rate case hearings to tell PSE to get off coal by 2025.

Why are the hearings on PSE’s rate case significant? The UTC can signal to PSE that it is unlikely to allow PSE to pass expenses associated with Colstrip onto customers past 2025. Utilities typically do not make investments unless they are confident that the UTC will approve them and allow them to pass those costs onto customers. Otherwise, shareholders are left footing the bill! For this reason, such a decision from the UTC would push PSE to get out of Colstrip. PSE is the single largest owner of the Colstrip coal plant. Without PSE’s support, the plant is not economically viable.

Fight Climate Change! Tell PSE to go Coal-Free!