Good News

Good News

note: Some of the older items may have new information not tracked here. It’s a record of what was uplifting at the time, not the current status.

November 2018

Midterms – so much winning!!

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January 2018

  • 1/3– “Election Integrity” Commission is dissolved!
  • 1/8 – Senator Murray signs onto resolution seeking to overturn the FCC’s horrid net neutrality decision – timing coincided with pressure stemming from an Indivisible Eastside Facebook member’s post!
  • 1/9 – Federal judge says DACA can’t end while lawsuit is pending
  • 1/10 California Rep. Darrell Issa to retire joining a record breaking 30 House republicans who won’t seek re-election.
  • Pennsylvania’s congressional map has been thrown out by the state supreme court – gerrymandering. Ordered to come up with a new one.
  • 1/20 Women’s Marches around the world!
  • 1/20 Penn. Rep. Patrick Meehan to retire
  • 1/22 Montana becomes first state to add Net Neutrality rules after repeal
  • 1/24 LNG Permit put on hold pending Greenhouse Gas Report
  • 1/25 New York joins Montana in enforcing Net Neutrality rules
  • 1/27 Washington to no longer require residents give birthplace to get driver’s license
  • 1/29 Gov. Inslee rejects permit for oil-rail terminal. Another link for above from  a really good resource for research and information for the PNW
  • 1/29 Rodney Frelinghuysen from New Jersey, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, is retiring abruptly in a very competitive New Jersey district.