Good News

Good News

note: Some of the older items may have new information not tracked here. It’s a record of what was uplifting at the time, not the current status.

March 2019

  • Mar. 1st The Department of Homeland Security said that it will comply with a federal court order by automatically extending to January 2020 the temporary protected status of more than 250,000 immigrants the Trump administration left facing possible deportation. The renewals will cover TPS beneficiaries from four nations — El Salvador, Haiti, Sudan and Nicaragua — whose provisional residency status was set to lapse after the Trump administration determined they no longer merited the protections.

February 2019

January 2019

  • Jan. 14th A federal judge in Pennsylvania blocked the Trump administration from implementing a rule allowing employers to decline to offer contraceptive coverage on moral or religious grounds.
  • Jan.14th The House GOP stripped Steve King of his committee posts over his white supremacy comments.
  • Jan. 15th A federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, marking the first major ruling in a controversy that has pitted states and cities against top administration officials and is likely to come before the U.S. Supreme Court. The New York case is the first of three high-profile trials around the country that are challenging the question.
  • Jan. 17th A federal judge struck down controversial restrictions on early voting in Wisconsin that were passed during the state Legislature’s lame-duck session in December. The restrictions limited early voting in Wisconsin to the two weeks before an election. Former Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed the new restrictions into law roughly three weeks before he was to leave office and be replaced by Democrat Tony Evers.
  • Jan. 28th The King County Council passed an ordinance that puts a six-month moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure. The measure can’t prohibit federally-regulated pipelines or rail lines but its aim is to update zoning and permitting to prevent new fossil fuel storage, processing, or compressor facilities.
  • Jan. 31st Washington State has announced plans to regulate federal dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers to cool hot water and help salmon. The state Department of Ecology has initiated a public comment period on proposed new regulations on federal dam operations. Ecology’s goal is to for the first time initiate work toward meeting state water-quality standards, including temperature, at federal dams on the Columbia and Snake.

November 2018

Midterms – so much winning!!

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February 2018

January 2018

  • 1/3– “Election Integrity” Commission is dissolved!
  • 1/8 – Senator Murray signs onto resolution seeking to overturn the FCC’s horrid net neutrality decision – timing coincided with pressure stemming from an Indivisible Eastside Facebook member’s post!
  • 1/9 – Federal judge says DACA can’t end while lawsuit is pending
  • 1/10 California Rep. Darrell Issa to retire joining a record breaking 30 House republicans who won’t seek re-election.
  • Pennsylvania’s congressional map has been thrown out by the state supreme court – gerrymandering. Ordered to come up with a new one.
  • 1/20 Women’s Marches around the world!
  • 1/20 Penn. Rep. Patrick Meehan to retire
  • 1/22 Montana becomes first state to add Net Neutrality rules after repeal
  • 1/24 LNG Permit put on hold pending Greenhouse Gas Report
  • 1/25 New York joins Montana in enforcing Net Neutrality rules
  • 1/27 Washington to no longer require residents give birthplace to get driver’s license
  • 1/29 Gov. Inslee rejects permit for oil-rail terminal. Another link for above from  a really good resource for research and information for the PNW
  • 1/29 Rodney Frelinghuysen from New Jersey, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, is retiring abruptly in a very competitive New Jersey district.