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Members of Congress

  • Sen. Patty Murray
    202.224.2621 | Email

  • Sen. Maria Cantwell
    202.224.3441 | Email

  • Rep. Suzan DelBene (1st)
    (202) 225-6311 | Email

  • Rep. Kim Schrier (8th)
    (202) 225-7761 | Email

  • Rep. Adam Smith (9th)
    (202) 225-8901 | Email

  • For the Week of January 14, 2019

    🔷 The 105 day Washington State Legislature session opens today! Congratulations to all the Senators and Representatives in our five Legislative Districts – all Democrats! We are so pleased to be partnering with Indivisible Kirkland on actions during this session.

    🔷 King County Elections is holding 2 ballot observer orientation trainings.

    • Session 1: Tuesday, January 22, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    • Session 2: Friday, January 25, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

    *You only need to attend one of the training sessions. Orientation will be held at King County Elections headquarters located at: 919 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057.

    Election activities will occur during the day between 8:30 am – 4 pm, Jan. 28-Feb. 21st with no weekend or night hours.

    10 students from each of the two major political parties are allowed per orientation. If you are interested in becoming a certified ballot observer, please fill out this volunteer survey. Observer training is valid for 2 years. The list of approved observers is updated after each training.

    🔷 Are you planning on marching on Saturday in the Womxn’s March? Email Michelle M if you’d like to connect and march with others and the Indivisible Eastside Banner.

    🔷 Here are your 3 actions for this week.

    Action 1 – [WA STATE LEGISLATURE] Actions from Indivisible Kirkland – Act TODAY!

    A bunch of fantastic bills have already been filed for this session, and some of them have committee hearings this week!  We definitely want these bills to make it out of committee.

    House Climate Change Bills:

    • HB 1113: Aligning WA’s greenhouse gas emissions limits with those established by the 2015 Paris climate agreement (Vandana Slatter (48th LD) is the prime sponsor of this bill.) Hearing on January 15th.
    • HB 1110:  Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels. (Sponsored by Joe Fitzgibbon (34th LD), Chair of the House Energy & Environment Committee.) Hearing on January 15th.
    • HB 1114:  Reducing the wasting of food in order to fight hunger and reduce environmental impacts. (Vandana Slatter (48th LD) is a co-sponsor of this bill.)  Hearing on January 17th.

    Senate Climate Change Bill:

    • SB 5116:  Supporting Washington’s clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future. (Requested by Gov. Inslee) Guy Palumbo (1st LD) and Patty Kuderer (48th LD) are co-sponsors of this bill. Hearing on January 17th.

    ACTION 1A: We want to encourage and support the effort being put towards climate change so early in this session.

    • If one of your legislators has sponsored/co-sponsored one of these bills, please contact them to thank them.  Use the Washington State District Finder to identify your district.
    • Contact the committee chairs of the committees where these bills are being heard (we’ve confirmed that it’s OK and useful to contact committee chairs even if they’re not from your district).  Please thank the chairs and let them know why you support these bills:
      • House Energy & Environment Committee Chair:  Joe Fitzgibbon
      • Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee Vice Chair:  Guy Palumbo

    Senate Democracy Bill:

    • SB 5063: Providing prepaid postage for all election ballots.  Hearing on January 16th.  (Though postage was paid for ballots for the last election, this bill must pass to ensure that this is true for future elections.)

    ACTION 1B:

    • Contact the Vice Chair of the Senate State Government Committee to indicate your support for this bill: Patty Kuderer (48th LD)  ( again, we’ve confirmed that it’s OK and useful to contact committee chairs even if they’re not from your district)

    Action 2 – [US SENATE & HOUSE] Reopen The Government without Funding The Wall!

    Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin pledged to block consideration of any bills except for reopening government until Mitch McConnell and Republicans allow a vote on bipartisan House bills to reopen the government.  Last week, 41 Democratic Senators joined them causing the cloture motion for S.1 to fail.  Our Senators need to hear from us so that they stand firm on this.

    The president asked people to call their Members of Congress to put pressure on them to fund his racist ineffective campaign promise. Our Senators and Representatives need to hear from us in higher numbers!

    🔹 Sen. Patty Murray: DC 202-224-2621 | Seattle 206-553-5545

    🔹 Sen. Maria Cantwell: DC 202-224-3441 | Seattle 206-220-6400

    Sample Script for Senators:

    Hello, I’m [NAME] from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m calling to the thank the Senator for blocking business-as-usual in the Senate until a clean no-wall budget is brought up for a vote. I want to thank her for listening to her constituents on this critical issue, and ask her to keep blocking votes until McConnell calls a vote on the same funding bill that passed the Senate unanimously last month. Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.

    [IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

    🔹 Rep. Suzan DelBene (1st): DC 202-225-6311 | Bothell 425-485-0085

    🔹 Rep. Kim Schrier (8th): DC 202-225-7761| Issaquah TBD

    🔹 Rep. Adam Smith (9th): DC 202-225-8901 | Renton 425-793-5180

    Sample Script for Representatives:

    Hello, I’m [NAME] from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m calling to urge representative [NAME] to publicly speak out against the devastating effects of the Trump shutdown and the actions the administration is taking to possibly declare a bogus state of emergency or funnel money from other important government agencies such as emergency response and Army Corps of Engineers. [His/Her] firm statement against this ridiculous and harmful situation is important to ending this impasse. Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.

    [IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

    Action 3 – [WA House and Senate] Join with others to support environmental priorities in Washington state

    From Environmental Priorities Coalition (many groups)

    More than 20 statewide organizations have come together as the “Environmental Priorities Coalition” to work together during the 2019 legislative session. For the session, the coalition has adopted four environmental priorities essential for healthy communities and a thriving environment:

    • 100% Clean Electricity – for climate protection (and to give Puget Sound Energy the message that it’s time to move to efficiency and renewables!)
    • Orca Emergency Response – because Southern resident orca whales are on the brink of extinction
    • Oil Spill Prevention – because of the amount of oil, especially dirty heavy crude oil, being shipped across our region
    • Reducing Plastic Pollution – because our local waterways, ocean, and recycling systems are overloaded with plastic pollution

    There are many ways to work on these priorities, of course, but here are three good ways to help.

    ✊ Action 3A: Review the list of priorities. Go to the Environmental Priorities Coalition page on Washington Environmental Council’s website and review the priorities there (the descriptions are short and easy to review). Also on that page, there are buttons you can click to sign up for email updates or to volunteer.

    ✊ Action 3B: Call or email your state legislators. Identify your district and find contact info for your state legislators, then call or email them in support of the four environmental priorities.

    Sample Script: (if emailing, please write in your own words!)

    Hi my name is [NAME], and I’m a constituent living at [ADDRESS]. I am calling to ask that [REP OR SENATOR] support important environmental priorities in this legislative session, including:

    – 100% Clean Electricity

    – Orca Emergency Response

    – Oil Spill Prevention,  and

    – Reducing Plastic Pollution

    Environmental priorities like these are important to me because I care about [BRIEFLY DESCRIBE– THE NEXT GENERATION, HEALTH, ORCAS AND THE FISH THEY DEPEND ON, CLEAN AIR AND WATER, ETC.] Thank you for your time and attention.

    ✊ Action 3C: Consider heading to Olympia for Environmental Lobby Day, January 29. Runs from 8:30 am – 5 pm at United Churches, 110 – 11th Ave SE, Olympia.

    Join Fuse, the Environmental Priorities Coalition, and hundreds of fellow activists to push for key environmental legislation in Olympia. If you go, you’ll be given information and support when you get there, to help you make your voice heard with your legislators. Registration open NOW!

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