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Updated Nov 12, 2018

🔷 All the hard work of activists like you around the country over the last 2 years paid off Tuesday. The House of Representatives Flipped Blue and a record 100+ Women were elected to Congress including our own Kim Schrier! Other Democratic gains: Washington State races (so far +2 Senate, +7 House), Attorney General Races (+4), Governorships (+7), Democratic State Trifectas (+6), Black Women Judges in Harris County Texas (+19!) and Progressive Ballot Measures (I-940, I-1639, FL Amendment 4). It was great to share the evening with friends at our Indivisible Eastside Election Watch Party. Thank you to all of you who donated, wrote postcards, texted, called and canvassed to Get Out The Vote here and around the country.

🔷 Protests erupted around the country Nov 8th after Attorney General Jeff Sessions “resigned” at Trump’s request. Indivisible National retweeted photos of protests led by local Indivisibles. Rachel Maddow covered the protests in her evening show, and our own Jennifer H energized the crowd of activists in Bellevue. Seattle’s protest drew around 2,000 participants.

🔷 Please join us for a short (1 hour) meeting Nov 17th from 4:45 to 5:45 at the Bellevue Library.  We’ll start talking about priorities for 2019, and write some postcards to voters in Mississippi for Mike Espy.

Here are your three actions for this week.

Action 1 – [YOU] Connect with Indivisible National

Last week, we flipped the balance of power in Washington. Soon, the 116th Congress must serve as a check on the Trump Administration’s abuses of power. The newly-elected Democratic House must launch obstruction of justice investigations on Day 1 of the next Congress (January 3, 2019… save that date).

Indivisible is launching a new Indivisible Guide – Indivisible On Offense to help us navigate the new Congress — with Democrats in control of one chamber. They’re hosting a national activist call on Tuesday, November 13 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT to preview the guide, debrief the Election and talk about what’s next. Hear from Political Director, Mari Urbina, who will share top take-aways from the Election. Then dive in to the plan for the first 100 days (and beyond) of the new congress with the Policy Director, Angel Padilla, and the organizing team.

Action 1a: RSVP for the call now.  Louise will be on the call. If you will be too, please let us know by emailing  

Action 2b: Sign up for Indivisible National’s bi-weekly newsletter to stay directly connected with this movement.  Let us know that you signed up by emailing

Action 2 – [US HOUSE & SENATE] Speak out Publicly against Whitaker Appointment

From Seattle Indivisible

We came out in force Thursday night to protest Trump’s power grab of firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and naming Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General. Matthew Whitaker is now in charge of the Mueller investigation, he will not recuse himself, and he believes the Judicial branch is an “inferior” and not an equal branch of government.

On Friday, Senator Patty Murray tweeted: “With President Trump appointing Matthew Whitaker as Acting AG it’s even more critical that we protect Special Counsel Mueller. No more delays—a vote on a bipartisan bill to shield this investigation from further political pressure must happen.” 

We know that the best way to keep up the pressure against this banana-republic move is to light up the phones.

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is [NAME], from [CITY]. Trump appointed acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, in order to shut down the Mueller investigation. This is obstruction of justice, all the more so because Sessions’ firing should have made Rod Rosenstein the acting Attorney General. Please call for an investigation into whether Whitaker’s appointment was constitutional, speak out publicly against the appointment, and pass legislation protecting the special counsel as soon as possible. [If Senator Murray – Thank you for your public statements against this appointment.]

Action 3 – [WA State Democratic Chair] Thank Tina Podlodowski for Her Leadership

The National Democratic party is far from a well-oiled machine, has inconsistent and lackluster messaging, and has made and will continue to make missteps. But one cannot argue with the effectiveness of Washington State’s Democratic Party. Their partnering with progressive grassroots organizations around the state, and training volunteer leaders through their “Rise and Organize” workshops, expanded their ability to reach out to voters around the state who have not been reached before. Additionally, rather than laying off staff between election cycles, they plan to continue to employ many of them to retain the valuable institutional knowledge. All this and more is made possible through the leadership of Washington State Democratic Chair Tina Podlodowski. Please send Tina a warm thank-you for her dedication and effectiveness over the last two years.

Tina Podlodowski

Sample Script (but seriously, write your own. How weird and inauthentic to receive 100 identical Thank-yous!)

Dear Tina,

I’m a member of Indivisible Eastside and am writing to you from [CITY, ZIP]. I want to thank you for your leadership as chair of Washington State Democratic Party. The gains we made in the state in the midterm election were remarkable, and I expect it is in no small part due to the functional partnerships among diverse grassroots organizations that you fostered. Sincerely, [NAME].

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