Allied Event (hosted by NAACP Snohomish County)

Henry M. Jackson High School (1508 136th St SE, Mill Creek, Washington 98012)

ALLIED is a community coalition of individuals coalesced around issues that face our community.

ALLIED is the Alliance of Leaders Leveraging Involvement to Eradicate Discrimination. ALLIED had its flagship event in January of 2017, in response to the deaths of Philando Castille, Alton Sterling, and the 5 police officers who were killed in protests in Dallas. The participation was immense and we set in motion conversations, that turned into action plans.

Now, in after the events that took place in Charlottesville, ALLIED is affirmed to have it’s next event. The event will ensure that the residents in Snohomish County, and beyond, pre-emptively take collective action to prevent hate, discrimination, and inequity in our community. It takes leaders of all sectors to make the change that we want to see!

Join us on Saturday, September 16th for ALLIED at the Henry M. Jackson High School Gymnasium, in Everett.. This event will set into motion the action plans created at the ALLIED ACTION event that took place in April. Please be ready to get out of your comfort zone, have REAL conversations, and then do something about them!

If you would like to volunteer please contact Louis A. Harris at

If you would like to make an offering of refreshments and/or donations for this community event, please contact Louis.