Postcards To Voters

Welcome and thanks for joining us! Please email to get details of current races and how to get involved in this group activity.

General information from Organizer Elizabeth S:

  • Time:  Officially, every other Sunday will our check-in date for our virtual meetups.  Upcoming confirmed dates:   May 17,  May 31,
  • Place:  For the immediate future, we are virtual.  Later we will continue to meet at Third Place Commons.
  • What’s it all about:  Writing postcards to progressive voters to get out the vote in campaigns across the US.
    • Examples:  Writing to Democrat voters in Florida to encourage them to sign up for Vote By Mail (which hugely increases turnout and helps D candidates up and down the ballot); writing to newly-registered progressive voters in Federal Way to encourage them to vote in the August primary (developing their “voting muscles” for future elections).
  • New writers: The first step is getting supplies:
    • The best and safest option will be for each of us to get postcards, stamps, etc., on our own.  Please check the links in the Supply Guide below (in the FAQs) for more information.
    • Alternately, I have lots of postcards that need good homes! We can arrange a no-contact pickup at a mutually agreeable time and place.  I’m based in Kirkland and you can come here to pick up cards; my husband works in Seattle and Woodinville, so we could arrange for him to drop off cards, too.
      • Please let me know how many sets of postcards you would like (50 per set; they don’t have to be completed by a particular time).
      • A contribution of $5 per set of 50 cards is encouraged but NOT required–our #1 priority is good election outcomes!  When in doubt, just take part–your participation is ALWAYS welcome.
  • Once you have supplies, Option #1 is to email me and let me know how many cards you will commit to writing. I will provide addresses for a campaign supported by Postcards to Voters.
    • Take a photo of BOTH sides of one of your cards as a sample and email it to me for quality control.  I will let you know if anything looks like it needs to be corrected.  Note:  NEVER save or share photos that include addresses.  I will delete such photos after quality control; please do the same.
    • After that, please proofread all cards (double-check addresses, candidate’s name, date of election, spelling of candidate’s website, etc.), stamp them, and let them sit untouched for 3 days to let any virus decay in case you are an asymptomatic positive.  Then mail them.
    • Send me an email to confirm that cards have been completed, stamped, and mailed.
    • Please delete your address list after you’ve written your postcards (if printed, please shred if possible).  We want to do everything we can to respect the security and privacy of voters’ information.
  • Alternately, once you have supplies, Option #2 is to contact any of these organizations directly and request addresses and instructions to write on your own:
    • Postcards to Voters (Tony the Democrat):
    • Flip the West (postcards to voters who care about gun safety in two key states to flip US Senate seats, Arizona and Colorado):
    • Vote Forward (letters, not postcards; letters can be printed from home and you just add a short hand-written note; you must supply envelopes and stamps; most letters will be held and mailed in October):
    • Grassroots Democrats has many virtual events, and you can also postcard, write letters, text, or make phone calls whenever you want for a number of important campaigns:

Other basic info for reference (answers to FAQs):

  • Is writing postcards to voters effective?  Short answer:  Yes!  Check here for more info and stats on a sample program:
  • Contributions:  NOT required, but gratefully accepted to help cover the costs of cards.  $5 for a set of 50 cards is terrific.  No contributions are required if you provide your own stamps, cards, etc.  Thank you!
  • Supply Guide:
    • Postcards via Postcards to Voters website: (check the “Templates” tab for options to print at home on cardstock, or check the “Postcards” tab to order cards online)
    • Postcards via MyPostcard:
    • Postcards and stamps via Etsy:
    • Postcard stamps via USPS ($0.35 each).  Order online from the USPS website:
      • Note that online orders work with Chrome but not Firefox.
      • If you prefer going to a physical store, the stamps are available in post offices, including many small in-store ones (for example, in the Bartell Drugstore in Bridle Trails).
    • Stickers.  Online stores that have a lot of sticker options include Amazon and Target.  If you prefer to go to a physical store, Target, Fred Meyer, and Dollar Store often have good selections at reasonable prices.