Take Action Network

Take Action Network 

Sign up for Take Action Network for the 2024 Legislative Session

Please Join Indivisible Eastside in Lobbying our State Legislators. 30 second “Sign-in” actions to show your support for a bill. 2 minute Pre-filled emails that you customize to contact your legislator. Help us ensure that good bills move forward and bad bills get no oxygen by signing up for Take Action Network (TAN). Four features will make taking action a pleasure for you. 30 Washington Indivisible Legislative Action (WILA) Bill trackers from 13 Indivisible groups are working hard to choose strategic times to issue Calls to Action, and constituents are the power.

  1. You’ll only be asked to email your reps or senator when they are in the position to vote on a particular bill. 
  2. With one click, a pre-filled email will be created for you that you can quickly customize and send.
  3. You’ll see how many others around the state are taking each action and when you click “Marked as done” you’ll encourage others to act by adding to that count. (Last legislative session members reported using Take Action Network (TAN) to take over 28,000 Actions!)
  4. You can share these actions with others simply by copying the address from the browser address bar. 

Because of this very targeted approach and the short session, most of these actions will NOT appear in the Weekly Actions newsletter and will ONLY be available to those who have taken the step to sign up for TAN. 

That’s it! See how easy it is to take action by reviewing the WA Indivisible Legislative Actions (Jan 1 – Mar 8, 2024) and the actions from Indivisible Eastside, do them if you haven’t already, and click “Mark and done”.  Share TAN with others – send them a link to this page! http://indivisibleeastside.com/tan-signup-resource/

TAN Emails

Once you’re signed up with TAN you’ll receive 1 email per day with suggested actions. You can also create Search Alerts and any results will be added to that daily email.

For Legislative actions, you can click a button below to create a legislative action search alert.

  • This creates and runs a search in TAN and shows current results (if any) of any State Legislative actions for YOUR LD.
  • When you receive an email from info@takeaction.network, Click each action and do it. It will take about 2 minutes per action.  
  • Don’t forget to click “Mark as done” to let our bill trackers know!
  • You can create as many different types of searches as you want from Dashboard by clicking the [+ Search] button. Just make sure to give it a name before you click “Save and Search” to have it saved to your Dashboard. Search results from all your searches will show up in ONE email. 
  • To turn off emails for individual searches, go to your dashboard and click the bell icon next to the search named.

Controlling Email:

  • To turn ON or OFF your Suggested Actions email (Daily Dashboard) go to Email Settings and check or un-check the “send me my personal daily dashboard” 
  • To turn ON or OFF your Search Alerts (results of saved searches with the bell icon turned on) go to Email Settings and check or un-check the “Send me emails for searches that I have set notifications on.”