Indivisible Eastside is a grassroots, entirely volunteer-run group that leverages the work of the Indivisible Guide. We have several teams who contribute in different ways to accomplish our primary goal: Influence our National Members of Congress and other governmental entities to resist the Trump agenda.

We encourage you to learn more and chip in!

General Inquiries

Feel free to reach out with any general questions you might have about Indivisible Eastside. Just email hello@indivisibleeastside.com.

Social Media

The Social Media team manages and moderates our Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts. For more information, or to volunteer, email hello@indivisibleeastside.com

Topic Groups

Groups are working in the following Topic Areas to identify actions Indivisible Eastside members can take, organize events, and find speakers for meetings on topics of interest. The Topic Groups formed out of the results of our 1st year Anniversary Survey. Topic groups are dynamic and can grow, shrink, form and disband as demand and interest dictate. As of Dec 2018 the Topic Groups include:

  • Elections & Voting
  • Corruption in Voting Systems
  • Environment
  • Gun Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration

If you would like to join a Topic Group, email hello@indivisibleeastside.com

Group Action

The Group Action team emails the Weekly Actions. It works with Topic groups to attend rallies, organize postcard writing gatherings, Voter Registration drives, Canvassing, Alphabet Resistance and other events as needs arise. The Topic Groups provide critical support to Group Action so that our events are as well organized and impactful as they can be. For more information, or to volunteer, email group-action@indivisibleeastside.com.

See the 2019 Resources Page for more ways to get involved