January 2019 Resources

62 people responded to our 2019 survey giving us valuable insights into who we are and where we’re taking our activism.

Contact info for our state Legislators

1Sen. Palumbo, Guy(360) 786-7600 Education & Workforce Development (Chair)Environment, Energy & Technology (Vice Chair) Ways & Means
1Rep. Stanford, Derek(360) 786-7928 & Gaming – (Chair)AppropriationsConsumer Protection & Business
1Rep. Kloba, Shelley(360) 786-7900, Technology & Economic Development – (Vice Chair)Commerce & GamingTransportation
5Sen. Mark Mullet(360) 786-7608 Institutions, Economic Development & Trade (Chair)Ways & Means (Capital Budget Cabinet)Early Learning & K-12 Education
5Rep. Bill Ramos(360) 786-7852 & Workforce DevelopmentRural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Transportation
5Rep. Lisa Callan(360) 786-7876 Services & Early Learning (Vice Chair)Capital Budget Education
41Sen. Wellman, Lisa(360) 786-7641 Learning & K-12 Education (Chair)Environment, Energy & TechnologyHigher Education & Workforce DevelopmentLabor & Commerce
41Rep. Senn, Tana(360) 786-7894 Services & Early Learning (chair)AppropriationsLocal Government
41Rep. My-Linh Thai (360) 786-7926 Rights & JudiciaryEducationHealth Care & Wellness
45Sen. Dhingra, Manka(360) 786-7672 Health Subcommittee to Health & Long Term Care (Chair)Law & Justice (Vice Chair)Health & Long Term Care
45Rep. Goodman, Roger(360) 786-7878 Safety – (Chair)Civil Rights & JudiciaryHuman Services & Early Learning
45Rep. Springer, Larry(360) 786-7822 Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources
48Sen. Kuderer, Patty(360) 786-7694 Stability & Affordability (Chair)State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections (Vice Chair)Law & JusticeRules
48Rep. Slatter, Vandana(360) 786-7936 (2 nd  Vice Chair)Innovation, Technology & Economic DevelopmentCollege & Workforce Development
48Rep. Amy Walen(360) 786-7848 Rights & JudiciaryConsumer Protection & BusinessFinance

Other Resources

There are many different types of resources available on the internet to help us in influencing our Members of Congress and resisting Donald Trump. Here are some useful tools.

Other Local Groups

Indivisible maintains a map of Indivisible Groups around the country. Enter your zip code to search

Good News Links

To keep our motivation, review just how much has been accomplished.