There are many different types of resources available on the internet to help us in influencing our Members of Congress and resisting Donald Trump. Here are some useful tools.

  • Brush up on your civics for a deeper understanding of the Three Branches of Government.
  • Contacting your Member of Congress has never been easier with Contacting Congress!
  • Review a Congressional member’s voting history at Vote Smart.
  • Research a Congressional member’s biggest campaign contributors at Open Secrets.
  • Consult the Resistance Manual for an extensive open source “Wikipedia-like” information and action guide. It covers a wide range of issues.
  • Use GovTrack to help track legislation being debated in the United States Congress.
  • Check out this memo addressing how to prepare for a Town Hall meeting with your MoC (a version tailored for our group is being created).
  • Looking for more actions to call about? Check out 5 and The 65.

Other Local Groups

Indivisible Washington maintains a curated list of Indivisible Organizations in Washington.

Good News Links

To keep our motivation, review just how much has been accomplished.