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  • For the Week of May 16, 2022

    🔹 Let’s take a moment this week to acknowledge the somber milestone that we have just passed, a million lives lost in this country as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the equivalent to losing the population of a city the size of San Jose, which is the tenth largest in the country. It’s been a harrowing time for all of us, but let’s always remember those who died, the families that they left behind, and those who cared for them.

    🔹 Join us at Alphabet Resistance on Thursday May 19th in Bellevue. Last week’s event was postponed due to high winds and rain, so if you are able, please join us to share a message in support of abortion rights. The more people we have, the longer the message we can present. Sign up HERE.  Access Code ‘alpha’.

    🔹 Mark your calendars for Sat, May 21, 3 pm for our group meeting where we will hear about the midterm elections, and from candidates for Congress, Secretary of State, and King County Prosecutor. Register HERE.

    🔹 Since redistricting, your legislative and/or congressional district may have changed. Cards should have been mailed notifying you of your new ones but if you’re not sure you can check at  King County Elections. You will not receive a card if your district hasn’t changed.

    🔹Here are your 3 actions this week.

    Action 1 – Make a plan to help Democratic candidates in the midterms

    As the news of the potential elimination of abortion rights continues to play out, it is increasingly obvious that in the short term, the best remedy lies in ensuring that Democrats retain and hopefully increase their majorities, both in Congress and locally. This is by no means going to be easy. So, after protesting and marching, we need to double down and do the work to make sure of a good outcome. Support can take many forms – financial, canvassing, texting, phone banking, letters, postcards and volunteering for campaigns. We did it in 2020 but the stakes are even higher now. This week is filing week for candidates, after which we will have a full picture of all races. It’s time to start your engines!

    The choice of candidates to support can be overwhelming but there are tools to help you to select a number that is manageable for you to focus on. 

    • Join us at our next group meeting on May 21 to hear Kevin Jones of Indivisible Vashon talk about the comprehensive GOTV work that their group is doing on races across the country.
    • Read this assessment by Rich Smith of the Stranger about potential scenarios for our state elections. Expect an update to this after filing week.
    • Check out Vote Save America (from the Pod Save America folks) for a comprehensive look at important races and opportunities to get involved.

     Here are more actions you can take to protect abortion rights:

    1. Donate:
    2. Defund the Bans by knowing where you are shopping. Equity Forward put out a report in 2019 about which corporations are bankrolling state legislators who are anti-abortion. They have added their data to the Progressive Shopper
    3. Write a Letter to the Editor to expand the Supreme Court using this easy Stand Up America Tool

    As we continue to work to promote free, safe and equitable access to abortion please be mindful of the language we use to discuss this topic. Please read Abortion FAQ’s: Why Can’t I Say That and let’s all help to destigmatize abortion.

    Action 2 –  Hold Amazon accountable for offshore profit shifting and global tax avoidance

    From Americans for Tax Fairness

    On May 25th Amazon will hold a shareholder meeting, during which their shareholders will vote on a motion to hold Amazon accountable by requiring it to disclose its revenues, profits, and taxes in all countries where it books income. Passage of the resolution could expose Amazon’s shifting of profits offshore to avoid paying what it owes in taxes here at home.  

    Profit shifting by corporations is estimated to cost the U.S. government as much as $100 billion in lost tax revenue every year. Amazon, worth $1.1 trillion, doesn’t want the public to know how much of that lost revenue it’s accountable for. Public disclosure could allow us to find out.  

    Amazon tried to kill the motion, but the Securities and Exchange Commission has ruled it must be voted on—essentially giving all of us some voice in how this giant corporation operates.

    Please join the effort to tell Amazon shareholders to vote YES to expose Amazon’s offshore profit shifting and tax avoidance! Thanks to the folks at the FACT Coalition, signatures in favor of the resolution from the public will be delivered to Amazon shareholders and the Amazon Board before the May 25th vote!

    Here are a few ways you can help:

    1. Retweet Americans for Tax Fairness’ tweet thread to raise awareness and help others take action.
    2. Sign and share the petition with your networks. 
    3. Spread the word across social media using the digital toolkit and the hashtag #YesOnProp12
    4. If you own any Amazon shares, you can vote YES on Proposal 12 on your proxy ballot or at 

    Action 3Save Childcare for LWSD Teen Parents at Emerson Daycare

    After 46 years of operation, Emerson Child Care Center in the Lake Washington School District is under threat of closure. The center not only provides affordable support for teen moms in the district but also for LWSD staff. Staff from Twain Elementary, Redmond High School, Emerson High School, Lake Washington High School, and International Community School have all used the daycare in recent years. 

    Right now, having children of LWSD staff enrolled is keeping the Emerson daycare open and functional. If staff remove their kids from the daycare because of tripled and quadrupled fees, caused by the district bringing it up to market rates (300-400% of current fees), the daycare will be forced to close. Teen parents, as well as school staff,  would no longer have an affordable daycare option in the district. 

    The school board was due to vote on the new tuition rates on May 9th but it was tabled until May 23rd. If you live or work in the district please email the LWSD School Board and Superintendent and express your concern before they vote on the proposed rates. One suggestion is for the district to apply for state and federal grants, as well as being open to local non-profits who have offered support, which the district has resisted so far.

    Dr Jon Holmen, Superintendent,

    Eric Laliberte, President,

    Mark Stuart, Vice President,

    Siri Bliesner,

    Chris Carlson,

    Leah Choi,

    You can also send a written comment or sign up to speak at the meeting by filling out this form.

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