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  • For the Week of Oct 18, 2021 

    🔹 Our October meeting yesterday focused on our school districts and the challenges we are facing with a rising rhetoric against diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. If you missed it you can access the meeting notes HERE

    🔹 Election reminders:

    • Voter registration can be checked and online registration done here.
    • If you haven’t received your ballot yet, contact King County Elections at 206-296-VOTE.
    • Online and mail voter registrations must be received by Oct 25.
    • You can register to vote in person during business hours and any time before 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Check here for Vote Center locations.
    • If you’re stumped on how to vote, check out Fuse Washington’s comprehensive Progressive Voter’s Guide.
    • Ballots can be dropped in the mail without postage or into one of 73 ballot drop locations around the county. Deadline is 8pm on Tuesday November 2nd.

    🔹 Thank you to all who helped write Postcards4WA! Here’s a few stats on what we did:

    • More than 200 writers!
    • 10 campaigns with a total of 12 candidates. 7 candidates are BIPOC and of the 12 candidates, 10 are women!
    • Candidates running for:  school board, judge, city council, county council positions
    • Candidates running in:  Bellevue, Bothell, Woodinville, Sammamish, Snohomish County, Gig Harbor, Bremerton, Walla Walla, and Spokane Valley
    • In total, over 26,000 postcards written!

    🔹 Here are your 2 actions for this week.

    Action 1 – Help needed with local school boards


    Two weeks in a row we have had ACTIONS to ask for volunteers to attend school board meetings, and included background information on some of what is happening in our school districts. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up to take notes at a school board meeting please do that using the link above. 

    Today’s action is focused on an issue that happened at Eastlake High School where the reasons for some collective decisions about the ‘theme’ of a football game were mischaracterized and overblown. Conservative local talk radio host, Jason Rantz, has used the situation to stir up his base and put LWSD teachers in harm’s way by amplifying the national narrative that the far right is using to undermine our public schools. We need to call on the school, district leaders, students and families to unequivocally stand by ALL teachers who engage in equity work in their classrooms and the district’s own commitments to anti-racist, abolitionist teaching.

    • Superintendent of Lake Washington School District: Jon Holmen
    • Associate Superintendent of Lake Washington School District: Matt Gillingham
    • Director of Secondary Education of Lake Washington School District: Whitney Meissner
    • Eastlake High School Principal Chris Bede
    • School Board of LWSD
      • Eric Laliberte, President,
      • Mark Stuart, Vice President,
      • Cassandra Sage, Legislative Representative,
      • Chris Carlson,
      • Siri Bliesner,

    Sample letter-please cut & paste body of letter. Send to Superintendent Holmen and CC everyone else above.

    “Dear Dr. Holmen,

    I am a concerned community member writing to you today in support of our teachers. The national rhetoric happening at our schools and at school board meetings is troubling, but hearing that something similar is being spread by local media personalities like Jason Rantz has prompted my letter today. 

    The report from Jason Rantz in September put our administrators, staff, and students in danger. If this happens again, it is almost certain that danger will escalate. If we want our teachers to lead with equity, we must be willing to protect them loudly and clearly as they engage in that work. As a district, the safety of our staff and students, particularly those most marginalized, must be our unwavering priority. 

    Here is what all teachers in the district need:

    • An unequivocal statement to the Lake Washington School District community that makes clear teachers in this district lead with equity for every kid, every day. To ensure the community understands that the mission and vision of the district includes engaging in “abolitionist teaching as we unite to disrupt the systems that threaten the educational freedoms of our community.” 
    • Future messaging written in consultation with the highly-trained equity teams and representatives at the district level. To ensure that the voices of our most marginalized staff and students are uplifted and protected in whatever messaging is put forth. 
    • Transparent communication from district officials so that the entire Lake Washington School District community is fully informed in a situation like this, especially knowing that the consequences of Rantz’s articles put the safety of everyone at Eastlake, students included, at risk. Students, parents, and staff within the district have a right to know what is happening to our teachers at this moment and in any future instances that may arise.
    • Listening to the authentic needs of teachers. This includes listening honestly to teachers at Eastlake about the harm that came from the lack of clear district messaging in September. Listening to the perspectives of teachers and affected community members will help us move forward as a stronger unified voice. It should be noted that in a situation where one reporter’s actions have previously put staff in danger and threaten to do so again, inviting that person into the school with staff and students present is a safety issue rather than a solution. 

    Teachers carry a paramount responsibility to create a safe environment in our schools. Similarly, as a district, it is your responsibility to create a safe environment in which teachers can follow through on the goals you have set for them as equity-focused, abolitionist educators. Please assure this community that you will take proactive measures to protect our teachers as they continue to lead with equity. 

    Thank you.


    Action 2 – Build Back Better

    Progressive Reform Network

    The US Congress is on the verge of passing a historic bill that could transform the lives of families all over the country. As Democrats in Congress negotiate over what will be included in the Build Back Better Act, some politicians are trying to cut important items for children and families. Tell your member of Congress that families across the country are counting on them to make sure that the original $3.5 trillion bill is not cut. This bill could be a GAMECHANGER for our children and families. Already we’re seeing the expanded child tax credit lift millions of children out of poverty — this would go even further.

    • Sen. Patty Murray: EMAIL
    • Sen. Maria Cantwell: EMAIL
    • Rep. Suzan DelBene (1st): EMAIL
    • Rep. Kim Schrier (8th): EMAIL
    • Rep. Adam Smith (9th): EMAIL

    Sample Email:

    “Dear [Senator/Representative Name],

    Please pass the Build Back Better Act as soon as possible — American families are struggling and desperately need support. I urge you to make sure the bill contains all the important policies outlined in the Biden Administration’s original $3.5 trillion proposal and in particular includes:

    • A PERMANENT child tax credit so checks keep coming until children turn 18. 
    • Universal preschool for all 3 and 4 year olds so children can get a great start and parents can work.
    • 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for ALL workers.
    • Direct support to families to cut child care costs and a fair wage for child and eldercare workers; direct home and community based support for seniors and the disabled community; and paying a fair wage for home care workers so families can stay together.
    • Lower prescription drug and health insurance costs, and filling the Medicaid gap to cover health care for low income families.
    • A pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and essential workers.
    • Forcing big corporations to finally pay their fair share in taxes to make all this possible!

    Thank you for fighting on behalf of our families.



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