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  • For the Week of May 13, 2024

    • Due to a change in circumstances our in-person May 14th meeting at Porchlight has been moved online.  Please join us on Zoom on Tuesday May 14th from 5-6:30pm for a presentation on Homelessness on the Eastside by a representative from Porchlight. Register at to attend. 
    • Alphabet Resistance is back! On a beautiful evening last week 11 activists flipped letters over 405 to message “NO ON 2117 / CLEAN AIR”. Check out the video! Our next action will be Thursday June 13th with messaging around I-2109, the GOP attempt to repeal the capital gains tax – and the ramifications  if they succeed.  Sign up to join the fun using the access code ‘alpha’. For more information and dates, please check our website.

    Here are your 2 actions this week. 

    Action 1 – Tell Your Senator to Call for a Ceasefire and Oppose Rafah Invasion

    From Indivisible National

    Note: As the situation changes daily, some information may be out-dated, but continued pressure from the public is vital to saving lives.

    During an interview last Wednesday evening with CNN, President Biden made two important statements:

    1. The Israeli military has used American bombs to kill innocent civilians in Gaza.
    2. If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu proceeds with his planned invasion of Rafah, the Biden administration will halt the transfer of offensive weapons to Israel. 

    This is the first time the administration has publicly admitted that American bombs are being used against civilians, and he did so while reaffirming his commitment to the invasion of Rafah being a “red line” for the administration. 

    We want to unequivocally say these are good moves by the administration, and we support President Biden’s attempts to help broker a ceasefire, secure the safe return of the hostages, and allow for the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid into the region. 

    We also recognize that if Congress waits for a Rafah invasion to halt sending offensive weaponry, they will have missed the opportunity to ensure the approximately 1.2 million people sheltering in Rafah aren’t targeted by our missiles.

    For important background related to this action, please see Indivisible’s statement online.

    Contact your US Senators and ask them to call for a ceasefire and oppose Rafah invasion. 

    ☎ Sample Script:

    My name is [NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY]. Please demand that President Biden use all the leverage of the US government to stop the Israeli invasion of Rafah, and reach a ceasefire agreement to end the war and return the hostages, before this humanitarian catastrophe gets any worse.

    Thank you.

    [IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied] 

    Action 2 – Candidate Corner – Patty Kuderer for Insurance Commissioner

    From IE member Eva G.

    Website | Facebook | Donate | Volunteer

    “I had the opportunity to interview Patty a couple weeks ago with several labor unions. I could find nothing I disagreed with, from her eagerness to fully answer questions, to her philosophy of governing. We have had the same Insurance Commissioner for the last 25 yrs.

    I was surprised to find she and I share a life experience of birthing a baby under 2 lbs and having that baby denied insurance coverage because of preexisting conditions. That makes me believe she has the will to support families in their desire to be fully insured, do her best to prevent insurance institutions from predatory practices, and she is supportive of Universal Healthcare.”

    Priorities from Patty’s Website: Universal Healthcare in Washington, Protecting Access to Reproductive Healthcare, gun owner liability insurance,  Homeowners’ and Business Climate Change Insurance, Lowering the Cost of Auto Insurance, Simplifying Appeals of Medical Claim Denials, and Firefighter Cancer Screening.

    Is there a candidate you’re supporting you’d like us to elevate? Send a submission to be included in a future newsletter to and please include: candidate name, position and website as well as why you’re supporting them. 

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