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Updated June 18, 2018

🔷 As we learned at the meeting yesterday, here’s is an important opportunity to support the work of Indivisible Eastside and Indivisible Kirkland members – while supporting the important mission of reducing Gun Violence. Please join Linda C, Nadine S, Sarah F and Heather M at the Kirkland Town Hall: Gun Safety & Safe, Inclusive, Welcoming City for All meeting Wed, June 20 at 5:30 at the LWHS Theater. Wear Orange to show your support for Gun Safety. Wouldn’t it be great to see a sea of orange at this meeting?

🔷 Here are the upcoming Midterms Matter events, and 3 actions. Don’t forget to check out the Calendar section at the bottom for other opportunities to engage.

Midterms Matter Events:

Action 1 – [US HOUSE & SENATE] Make Universal Health Care Possible in WA!

From Seattle Indivisible

On Monday, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal introduced the State-Based Universal Health Care Act. This Act lays the groundwork for universal healthcare and/or single payer health care on a state or a regional level by allowing states to redirect federal healthcare funds into such a system. It is a crucial step towards fair, affordable healthcare in Washington State. As of now there is no companion bill in the Senate – call your Senators to ask that they introduce one, and Reps. DelBene and Smith to ask that they support it.  

Sample Script for Senators:
Hi, my name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [CITY, ZIP]. Representative Jayapal recently proposed the State-Based Universal Health Care Act, which lays the groundwork for single-payer or other improved forms of healthcare in Washington state. I’m calling to ask that Senator [NAME] propose a companion bill in the Senate – we must take steps to make healthcare work for everyone.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Sample Script Reps. DelBene and Smith:
Hi, my name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [CITY, ZIP]. Representative Jayapal recently proposed the State-Based Universal Health Care Act, which lays the groundwork for single-payer or other improved forms of healthcare in Washington state. I’m calling to ask that Representative [NAME] do everything s/he can to support this bill – we must take steps to make healthcare work for everyone.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Action 2 – Contact Government regarding Children Separated from Families

Family separation under the new “Zero Tolerance Initiative” is a practice that two months ago was illegal and is now systematically used to ‘deter immigrants from attempting entering the country’.

Is this the America you want to live in? Please voice your strenuous objections. Here are some ways for to to be heard by the government.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • Comment line: (202) 282-8495 – Ask that your comments be relayed to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen & Thomas Homan
  • Email:

Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Department of Justice – Direct your comments to Jeff Sessions

The office under our Nation’s Health and Human Services Department is the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). ORR is responsible for unaccompanied children. The ORR Mailing Address is:

  • Administration for Children and Families
  • Mary E. Switzer Building
  • 330 C ST SW
  • Room 5123
  • Washington, DC 20201

For general inquiries about ORR programs and services, call (202) 401-9246

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is [NAME].  I’m a U.S. [resident | citizen ] and I’m calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I strongly object to the separation of immigrant children from parents at the U.S. border. This practice flies in the face of American values. It is immoral and unnecessarily harms innocent children. It must be stopped immediately.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Action 3 – [GOV. JAY INSLEE] – Thank Governor Inslee for Protecting the Affordable Care Act and Protections for Preexisting Conditions


Having failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through legislative means, the Trump administration has ordered the Department of Justice not to defend the ACA against a frivolous lawsuit from GOP-controlled states. In February of 2018, Texas and 19 other GOP-controlled states filed a suit with a Texas court against the legality of key provisions in the ACA, including consumer protections for non-elderly Americans with preexisting conditions. The suit arose after Republicans repealed the individual tax penalty for being uninsured as part of their package of tax cuts for the wealthy. As a result, the ACA still includes a provision requiring people to buy health insurance, but the tax penalty enforcing this provision will be absent starting in January of 2019. In their suit, the states argue that the ACA’s insurance requirement is unconstitutional in the absence of this tax penalty.

Legal experts from across the political spectrum agreed the red states’ suit was on shaky legal ground. However, on June 7, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a brief in support of the suit, urging the court to invalidate many of the ACA’s consumer protections. The announcement creates even more uncertainty about the individual insurance markets in a year when insurers are already hiking up premiums in response to GOP interference with the healthcare law. Troublingly, the DOJ’s actions also reflect the Trump administration’s willingness to use the judiciary to attack a law passed by Congress, signed by a president, and upheld by the Supreme Court. In fact, the DOJ’s actions are so egregious that the three career DOJ attorneys involved in the case withdrew in protest hours before the final brief was filed. Additionally, sixteen Democratic-led states (including WA) and DC have filed a countersuit in defense of the ACA.

The Constitution states that the president must “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” By ordering the DOJ not to defend the ACA, Trump is not only threatening access to healthcare but also undermining our democracy.

Call and thank Governor Jay Inslee 360-902-4111

Sample Script:

Hello, my name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m calling to thank the state for joining the countersuit to protect the ACA. The law is essential to preserve access to healthcare, especially for people with preexisting conditions.

Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.

Action 4 – Public Service Announcement – WA State Initiatives

Here are some of the initiatives you may be asked to sign. Deadline for most of them is July 6 so signature gathering efforts will be increasing.

Action: Know what they are so you’ll have a ready response when asked to sign, and remember which ones you’ve already signed!

I-1600 – Universal Healthcare for WA State –  

I-1621 – “Expanding Choice in School Security” has a misleading title and would allow teachers and school employees with concealed carry permits to carry pistols on public and private school grounds. The initiative would also give individual school districts the authority to require their employees go through firearms safety programs before bringing their pistol to school, but doesn’t require it.

I-1631 – “This measure would charge pollution fees on sources of greenhouse gas pollutants and use the revenue to reduce pollution, promote clean energy, and address climate impacts, under oversight of a public board.”  

I-1634: An Indivisible member reports that a signature gatherer outside a QFC grocery store told her the so-called initiative to “keep groceries affordable” would keep new taxes off groceries, but groceries aren’t taxed in Washington state.

What I-1634 is really about is soda pop and stopping other cities in Washington state from passing a soda tax like Seattle’s. Precisely four donors have contributed nearly $1.9 million to get I-1634 on the ballot. They are The Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and Red Bull North America.

I-1639: The proposed initiative will address many of the root causes of recent tragedies by raising the age to purchase semi-automatic rifles to 21; creating an enhanced background check system similar to what is required for handguns; requiring completion of a firearm safety training course; and creating standards for secure storage to prevent guns from falling into dangerous hands.    

Calendar of In-Person Events:

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Crowd Sourced Actions:

Do you have an idea for future Weekly Actions? (We could use all the help we can get folks!) Email  to submit your idea. Your input is greatly appreciated, and please understand that depending on current events, we can’t guarantee yours will be picked. To submit an idea, please:

Submit proposals for the Weekly Actions by Thursday midnight for an action the following week!

  • Include the action to be taken (who to contact – HOUSE, SENATE, LEGISLATURE, AGENCY),
  • Include details about the bill (e.g. bill numbers) or regulation, when the action will no longer be effective
  • Include how it Resists the Trump agenda, or forwards progressive candidates
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