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  • For the Week of Jan 11, 2021

    🔷 The historic win of US Senators-elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff was only 6 days ago, but given the violent attack on the capitol at the urging of the outgoing president, it seems like much longer ago. The importance of securing Democratic control of the Senate cannot be overstated. Thank you to all who contributed to the effort, including members who wrote to 7,071 Georgia voters during the runoff election.

    🔷 Please join us Saturday January 16th at 4:00 as we celebrate our 4th birthday and all we’ve achieved these last 4 years. We’ll hear from Futurewise about the importance of updating the Growth Management Act to fight sprawl and protect our communities and our climate, and from our Bellevue Racial Equity group on the work they’ve been doing.

    🔷 Nine days until the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris! The Biden inaugural festivities are to feature a national day of service on MLK Day, Jan 18th. In alignment with this, Indivisible Eastside encourages members to participate to the best of their ability by donating to the Redmond School Break Food Box program. “Working with school counselors in participating Redmond schools, we provide boxes of supplemental food to families experiencing food insecurity. We shop in bulk for fresh produce and shelf stable items, engage the community with special requests, fill Food Boxes with nutrient-rich items and deliver to our families.” Steering member Linda K works her butt off packing food boxes but the program is running short of funds. Let’s help out this important community program. Donate here.

    🔷 Here are your three Actions this week

    ✊ Action 1 – [US HOUSE & SENATE] Thank our senators and representatives for their courage, and for calling for Trump’s removal from office

    At the end of a violent and deadly day at the Capitol, angered but undeterred, House and Senate members returned Wednesday night to complete their constitutional role to certify President-Elect Biden’s victory. In the early hours of Thursday morning, Vice President Pence declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election.

    By Saturday, with overwhelming Democratic and some Republican lawmaker support, and the support of House speaker Nancy Pelosi, a trio of Democratic lawmakers — Reps. David Cicilline (R.I.), Ted Lieu (Calif.) and Jamie Raskin (Md.) — prepared to introduce new articles of impeachment against Trump as soon as a Jan 11th, 2021 pro forma session. The articles would address both Trump’s role in the Capitol siege and his months-long refusal to accept his election defeat.

    Thank your Senators and Representative for their courage during this most difficult week and for speaking out in support of impeachment.

    ☎ Sample Script:

    “Hi, my name is [NAME] from [CITY, ZIP]. First, I am thankful for your safety. I want to thank [MoC NAME] and all of the staffers for your courage. The House and Senate weathered a violent attack, and I am truly grateful that you all were able to stay safe, and that Congress reconvened to certify the results of our election of President-Elect Joe Biden.

    I also want to thank you for calling for the removal of President Trump from office, whether by the 25th amendment, or impeachment. His instability has resulted in violence, loss of life, and trauma.”

    Action 2 – [US HOUSE] Investigate GOP lawmakers who attempted to reverse the election

    In the aftermath of the violent insurrection at the US Capitol, Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania became the second Republican senator to say the president had committed impeachable offences and should “resign and go away as soon as possible.” Regarding Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, he said they were “going to have a lot of soul searching to do and the problem is they were complicit in the big lie, this lie that Donald Trump won the election in a landslide and it was all stolen. They compounded that with this notion that somehow this could all be reversed in the final moments of the congressional proceedings.”

    Republican objections to electoral college results failed. But Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley were prominent among 147 representatives and senators who continued to back the late-night effort on Wednesday, even after a mob incited by the president attacked the US Capitol. Senator Patty Murray has called for them to resign.

    Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri is direct: Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences. She will be introducing a Resolution calling for investigation and their expulsion. Ask your Members of Congress to support this resolution.

    ☎ Sample Script:

    “Hi, my name is [NAME] from [CITY, ZIP]. I am angered and appalled by the Republican members of Congress who have incited domestic terror through their attempts to overturn the election. I urge you to support Representative Cori Bush’s resolution to investigate whether the actions of these representatives and senators, in attempting to reverse election results, violated their oath of office.

    Thank you.”

    Action 3 – Join Indivisible Eastside on Take Action Network

    Please join Indivisible Eastside activists interested in strengthening our state by signing up for Take Action Network. Once you’ve signed up, see how easy it is to contact your representatives to Prohibit the open carry of certain weapons at public demonstrations and the state capitol.

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    • Wed Jan 20 – Inauguration of President Joe Biden!

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    Welcome 2021!

    As we witness the clown show of Republicans backing Trump’s conspiracy theories, it has become abundantly clear that a strong Washington State government is needed to protect those harmed the most by the policies of the last four years, including the failed response to the pandemic. To that end, Indivisible Eastside will be tracking bills in the state legislature to ensure that good bills move forward and bad bills get no oxygen. You can help the 40 Bill trackers from 13 Indivisible groups in this work by signing up for Take Action Network (TAN). Three features will make taking action a pleasure for you.

    1. You’ll only be emailed when there’s an action relevant to your reps or senator.
    2. With one click, a pre-filled email will be created for you that you can quickly customize and send.
    3. You’ll see how many others around the state are taking each action and when you click “I took this action” you’ll spur others on to act by adding to that count. 

    Because of this very targeted approach, most of these actions will NOT appear in the Weekly Actions newsletter and will ONLY be available to those who have taken the step to sign up for TAN. 

    Join Indivisible Eastside on Take Action Network

    That’s it! See how easy it is to take action by doing the Code Blue WA Action for Prohibit the open carry of certain weapons at public demonstrations and the state capitol and clicking “I did this action” to start tracking your activism.  You can also see any actions still active from Indivisible Eastside, and do them if you haven’t already. 

    NOTE: If you previously signed up for TAN, log in and then click the heart next to WA Indivisible Legislative Action (WILA) to add it as one of your Favorite Organizations in TAN. This is where the Indivisible Legislative Actions will be created. 

    Thank you for helping Indivisible Eastside and Washington Indivisible Network influence legislation in Olympia.

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