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For the Week of Jan 16, 2023

🔹We are looking forward to seeing you at  our first group meeting of 2023. It will be on Jan 21, from 3:00 – 4:30 pm via Zoom. We will talk about what’s going on at the state legislature as well as hearing about the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the ongoing legal fight for abortion access. Register to attend (new link for 2023).

🔹Jan 16 is the celebration of what would be the 94th birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. In 1994, Congress passed the King Holiday and Service Act, designating the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday as a national day of service. For opportunities to celebrate his life and give service to your community please check out this list. Of particular interest is the re-opening of the Northwest African American Museum, with many events throughout the day. 

🔹 The 2023 Legislative session started on Jan 9 and bills are already moving into and through committees. 30 Indivisible members from 12 different groups around the state are tracking bills in priority areas such as Environment, Healthcare (including mental health and reproductive health), Gun Safety, Democracy, Criminal Justice Reform, Police Accountability, Education, Housing, and Online Privacy. If you aren’t yet signed up for TAN and would like such actions delivered to your email inbox, you can sign up by going to this link.

For an explanation of all things TAN please go to this link. If you are new to the process start with the green button and for more information click on the red and yellow buttons.

🔹 Here are your 2 actions this week.

Action 1 –  [US HOUSE] Ask your Members of Congress to support C-Span’s request to control the cameras in Congress

During the first week of this session when the Speaker was being elected to the House and before the Rules package was approved, C-SPAN was able to use its own cameras to film the proceedings. Historically the nonprofit cable network relies on a live feed provided by House officials but in this instance it was able to capture all of the drama that ensued. This turned out to be compelling viewing, as reflected in the large numbers of people who tuned in to watch. 

On Jan 12 Representative Mark Pocan introduced a resolution (HRes.35) to amend the current House rules to require the broadcasting of the House Chamber to be similar to how it was broadcast from Jan. 3-6, during the election for Speaker. He currently has the support of over twenty colleagues (including Rep. Jayapal). Multiple groups, including C-SPAN, have sent letters of support to Speaker McCarthy to allow greater camera access to the chamber.

Please call or write to your Members of Congress and ask them to support this resolution. Giving broader access to C-SPAN’S cameras would improve transparency and encourage greater engagement of the general public in the political process.

☎ Sample Script:

Hello, my name is [NAME], from [CITY]. I am calling/writing to ask you to support the resolution introduced by Representative Pocan for an amendment to the House rules to require fuller broadcasting of the House Chamber during legislative business by allowing greater camera access. As we saw during the first week of the new session of Congress, this change would allow for greater transparency and encourage greater engagement of the public with the political process.

Thank you.


[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Action 2 – Participate in decision making in your community

Action 2a – Get involved in the endorsement process for local election coverage

We hope that you have had a chance to get acquainted with the Urbanist newspaper over the past few years. Founded in 2014 as a Seattle-based online publication, it has become required reading in the areas of transportation, housing, land use, and local politics. Since last year we have had the good fortune of having increased reporting on the Eastside, something which has been severely lacking from other local media. The issues that the Urbanist addresses are equally relevant on this side of the lake and we don’t always have the information that we need to make informed decisions. 

As part of its mission to inform and educate readers the Urbanist has an Elections Committee which interviews candidates across the area and issues endorsements for local elections. The committee is currently seeking passionate, knowledgeable Eastside volunteers to help guide their political endorsements for the 2023 cycle. The more Eastside volunteers they have, the wider the coverage can be. If you are interested in participating please fill out this form and submit it by Mar. 1.

Action 2b – Most cities have websites where you can give your feedback about active projects, including the important Comprehensive Plan updates that cities are currently undergoing. A regular check of these will enable you to participate in decision making via surveys and questionnaires. You can also sign up for email notifications of updates and be ready to have your say.

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For the Week of Jan 9, 2023

🔹 Welcome back, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to us! It’s been six years since a small group met to set up this group and I think it’s safe to say that, with a lot of hard work, we are more organized and focused than ever. The first order of business is the new session of our state legislature, which begins today, January 9th. More on that later. While we survived and even thrived in 2022, with a successful midterm performance by Democrats, don’t forget that there are no off years, as far as elections are concerned. This year will see important city, county and school board elections and we will be keeping a close eye on all of these to provide you with information and ways to take timely action. 

🔹 With a new Congress comes a new version of the Indivisible Guide, titled A Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA. This whole movement started with a team of former congressional staffers writing a guide on navigating a Trump presidency back in 2016. Since then, Indivisible have continued to put out guides for every new Congress, updating the state of play and consolidating tactics for the new year in one place. The 2023 guide will break down the stakes, go over the game plan, explain the framing for both Democrats and Republicans, and bring together big-picture tactics for how we want to activate in the new session. Of particular interest is the section ‘What to Do if You Have a Democratic Member of Congress’ on p.18. Please take a minute to look it over!

🔹 Save the date for our first group meeting of 2023. It will be on Jan 21, from 3:00 – 4:30 pm via Zoom. We will talk about what’s going on at the state legislature as well as hearing from a speaker about the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the ongoing legal fight for abortion access. Register to attend (new link for 2023).

🔹 Here are your 2 actions this week.

Action 1 – Get ready for the 2023 state legislative session: sign up for Take Action Network and verify that emails are arriving in your inbox

The new legislative session starts January 9 and ends April 24. This will be a ‘long session’ (105 days) which means there is more time to pass bills and negotiate a brand new biennial budget for 2023-2025, with the fiscal year starting July 1, 2023. 

The best and most effective way to be engaged is to sign up for Take Action Network (TAN), our Washington-state Indivisible portal that helps you find and organize actions to take. In 2022, Washington Indivisible Legislative Action (WILA) bill trackers published 238 Calls to Action resulting in 8,175 actions taken by users of TAN statewide. This year WILA will be tracking bills and publishing actions on TAN concerning Healthcare (including reproductive health), Environment, Gun Safety, Housing, Police Accountability, Criminal Justice, and Democracy. 

Get ready to be part of this. Click HERE to learn about TAN – or refresh your memory (red and yellow buttons). For those without a TAN profile, click the green button to accept the invitation from Indivisible Eastside to sign up.

If you already have a TAN account, please take a few minutes to take the following steps: 

  • To ensure that TAN emails arrive in your inbox, click HERE and follow the directions. That’s it. You should be set to receive action emails from TAN. 
  • If you’ve changed Legislative or Congressional districts you may need to update them in TAN. From the TAN Profile → Contact Info menu, review and correct your districts if necessary. 

The legislature will continue to offer the ability to sign in Pro or Con for a bill remotely before a committee hearing. TAN makes that action VERY easy, and allows you to keep track of these actions. 

Whether you use TAN, another organization, or both to take action, if you create an account on, your sign-in actions will be saved to help you keep track so you don’t accidentally duplicate. Additionally, you can modify sign-ins if you changed your mind or made an error. To do this, follow the instructions on the Create a account to keep track of your sign-in actions

Action 2 – Vote in the King Conservation District election

From the League of Women Voters, Seattle King County

King Conservation District (KCD) is holding its annual Board Supervisor election Jan. 24 – Feb 14, 2023. The 2023 election has three candidates running for the position. April Brown, Csenka Favorini-Csorba, and Chris L. Porter are all competing for the seat. Candidate statements and access to online voting can be found at The League of Women Voters will be holding a candidate forum on Jan. 26 at 7:00 p.m. You can register for the Zoom webinar or watch on their YouTube channel.

For the fourth year, the King Conservation District election will primarily rely on electronic ballot access. Ballots will be available to eligible voters online from Jan. 24, 2023, at 8:00 a.m. through Feb. 14, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. Voters may return ballots electronically through the online ballot access system or reach out to KCD for assistance. Democracy Live operates the online ballot access portal and King County Elections will tabulate all ballots and report all results.   

KCD is a special purpose district committed to helping people engage in stewardship and conservation of natural resources, and serves over two million people in 34 cities and unincorporated King County (excluding the cities that are not member jurisdictions: Enumclaw, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific, and Skykomish). KCD assists private residents with forestry management, streamside and shoreline enhancement, farm conservation planning, and other environmental efforts. It works with cities and community organizations to support community gardens, urban forest canopy, and local food systems. KCD is funded primarily by a per-parcel rates and charges fee paid by residents of the district.

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